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Loan Application

You can apply online for a fast pre-approval or work directly with one of our staff to help make the process fast and easy. We can help with Commercial Real Estate Loans, Working Capital and Debt Refinancing Loans.



To apply for a GreatBiz Funding small business loan, please download our loan application, complete it, and email to: mickey@greatbizfunding.com

If you’re not sure if you’re ready to submit an application, we also welcome you to request an initial consultation with one of our small business lenders.

Don’t think you are ready for a loan yet? Let us help make your dream a reality, or take your venture to the next level?

The GreatBiz Funding Team has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start, improve, or expand their businesses. Our business coaches and classes can help you build your confidence and your business skills.

Business Coaching

GreatBiz Funding offers highly-customized, peer-to-peer business coaching by an extensive network of successful local business owners and experts. Our coaching helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, grow strategically, and create jobs.     Learn more »

Business Classes

GreatBiz Funding offers a platform of three flagship courses to support aspiring and existing small business owners on their journey from startup to sustainable growth.

All of our courses are led by experienced small business owners and use a participatory, supportive learning environment to deliver relevant, actionable skills and tools to further your business goals. Each program is also designed to create a network of peers from which you gain ideas, support, and feedback along the way.