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GreatBiz Funding envisions a thriving country in which small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs have access to the resources needed to make their dreams a reality—a region where collaboration, creativity, innovation, and investment generate opportunity and prosperity for all.


GreatBiz Funding’ mission is to build a vibrant and inclusive entrepreneurial community by helping small businesses start, grow, and thrive. When small businesses succeed, we all prosper.


GreatBiz Funding is a for-profit company helping small businesses in California thrive. GreatBiz Funding makes business loans ranging from $10,000 to $2,500,000 to small businesses who may find it difficult to secure funding from banks and other traditional sources. What makes GreatBiz Funding unique is that all loan decisions and relationships are managed locally, and we work to ensure our clients’ success by offering highly customized business coaching by an extensive network of local, successful business owners. This innovative blend of lending and learning helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, grow strategically, and create jobs.

Who We Serve

GreatBiz Funding provides business loans and coaching to emerging and established small businesses. We have a particular focus on working with businesses unable to access financing from banks and other traditional sources, as well as minority, women, and immigrant entrepreneurs.

Our Core Principles

GreatBiz Funding helps small businesses achieve their goals? We’re on it. Created to support and empower small businesses, GreatBiz Funding is 100% committed to serving its customers with the smartest financing solutions and world class service. GreatBiz Funding is the secure financing service that business owners everywhere can truly rely on.