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GreatBiz Funding partners with a variety of local organizations to deliver services to small businesses.

Business Classes: GreatBiz Funding collaborates with top experts to host training events and classes for entrepreneurs, including business-incubator tenants, and to cross-refer clients.

Loan Fund Review: GreatBiz Funding manages the back-end operations for loan funding and serves on the Fund’s loan review committee; provides training to communities that participate in our Certified Entrepreneurial Communities program.

Creative Sector: GreatBiz Funding participates in annual The Creative Sector Summit works with California Area Arts Community to support businesses in the creative sector.


Chambers of Commerce: GreatBiz Funding support the California Area Chamber of Commerce; we work with the Chamber to host seminars and events for business owners, particularly existing businesses that can benefit from GreatBiz Funding’ consulting and larger loans.