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Leaders Overview

Are you a leader in business that wants to help small business owners?

Partner with us to help small businesses start, grow and create jobs.

We are always looking for experts and leaders that offer a complimentary product/service to become strategic partners.

Contact: Mickey O’Brien, Managing Director of Community Lending & Impact, mickey@greatbizfunding.com

Typical Types of Partners

GreatBiz Funding provides business classes and coaching, and specialized services for start ups and mid level small businesses and entrepreneurs.

We want leaders, consultants, and business experts that recommend a variety of different solutions to their clients to help run their business.

Partners include Accountants, Bankers, Business-incubators, Bloggers, Chamber of Commerce, Marketers, Schools, Organizations and other experts that have a talent/ability to help our clients grow their business.

Submit the “Apply Now” form on this page to request more information about the program and to begin the application process.

We love small businesses & entrepreneurs and believe that entrepreneurs are going to solve all of the worlds major problems. Join us in being a part of something great!