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Problems with Superficial Productivity

Workplace Productivity Isn’t What You Think It Is.

When I started my business, I quickly discovered that I had more to do than I could get done in a forty-hour workweek. So, I worked more hours. I got to the office at 7:00 a.m. and usually didn’t leave until 8:00 p.m.

I often worked on all day Saturday and Sunday evenings, too. It wasn’t unusual to put in sixty to seventy hours a week, or even more. But I still wasn’t getting enough done. So I figured I just needed to get more organized and efficient.

I read books on productivity, attended time-management seminars and bought a better online planner. But still, I seemed to work the same amount.

My attempts to solve the problem of time and productivity were piecemeal or superficial, resulting only in temporary or minor improvements. Every time I checked something off my to-do list, two more tasks popped up. I felt overwhelmed and discouraged. And I secretly began to wonder if the problem was just me.

What time-killers are covertly hiding in your daily routine?

Sometimes the things we think are making us more productive are just having the opposite effect!

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Productivity Snags

It took many years to figure and sort this all out. The problem was productivity itself, or relatively how I tended to look at productivity at the time.

The old productivity paradigm was all about greater effectiveness. How do you get more done in the same amount of time? It was the old factory model, applied everywhere. The goal was to increase output, turn up production, speed up the machine.

This model may work with machines, but it doesn’t work with humans. It crushes our mental state, leading to burnout or even worse, death from overworking.

Productivity and Freedom

What I eventually discovered was that the only kind of productivity worth pursuing isn’t simply about getting more done. It’s about getting the right things done with a specific goal in mind. Ultimately, real productivity leads to greater freedom and a greater business.

That’s right, the new model for productivity is about more freedom. It’s about how you can get more done by working less, so you can enjoy life and devote time to the people you love and priorities that matter most. How does working less and having more freedom sound?

Any productivity gains worth striving for—what I call “real productivity”—should help enable us to enjoy each of these four freedoms: The freedom to be present, focused, spur-of-the-moment and busy-less.

Jenny and I take time frequently to go to Napa, Carmel or Tahoe to relax and break away from the daily grind. I come back to work rejuvenated and free to create what I want. I didn’t check my email or Slack. I didn’t create a daily task list. I didn’t have any meetings to attend.

“Real productivity leads to greater freedom, and freedom make room for a great business. Mickey O’Brien”

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